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                    1. 發布時間:2018-08-09
                    2. 工作地點:上海
                    3. 職位類型:全職
                    4. 來源:高沃信息技術(上海)有限公司


                    Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS), an S&P 500 company, is a leading direct banking and payment services company with one of the most recognized brands in financial service industry. Discover is one of the largest credit card issuers in the US with network in more than 185 countries and territories. ( www.discover.com/Company )


                    Job Title: Analyst
                    Job Location: Shanghai, China
                    JOB DESCRIPTION

                    Work independently, or as an integral part of a project team, to develop predictive models, conduct simulations, perform ad-hoc analyses, design and produce analytic reports to solve business problems. Participate in center-wide efforts to build analytical capability. The analyst may support one of the specific business areas, including marketing, risk management, customer services, and banking, etc.

                    -Be responsible for data preparation, including sampling, data pulling, aggregation, and other data preparation treatments.
                    -Develop types of models/prepare analytic reports which meet business objectives, requirements, and timelines.
                    -Perform simulations and general ad-hoc analyses to provide insights for strategy design, evaluation and testing.
                    -Communicate project results to US business partners and management in a clear and effective manner.
                    -Work closely with business partners to implement models and decision strategies.
                    -Document project results, address project issues and answer questions from business partners.
                    -Provide input and consultation to business partners on various statistical, technical, data or business issues.
                    -Identify and share programming knowledge and organizational expertise for efficient and effective execution of project tasks.
                    -Engage in continuous learning to maintain a high level of competency in statistical and analytical principles, tools, and techniques.
                    MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

                    -Bachelor and above degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Communication, Statistics, Mathematics, Management Science, Economics, Econometrics, Operational Research, etc.
                    -Good command of English communication (both oral and written).
                    -Ability in learning and improving programming skills for business analysis, strong programming skills is a plus.
                    -Demonstrated project management skills, including ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and follow through on completion of high-profile projects.
                    -Strong interest in using data for business insight, experience in modeling is a plus.
                    -Strong desire of learning and willingness to acquire needed knowledge and skills.
                    -Positive work attitude and team spirit.

                    Job Title: Business Intelligence Analyst
                    Job Location: Shanghai, China
                    POSITION SUMMARY

                    Work independently as an integral part of Business Intelligence team, serving as internal expert for the development and implementation of a reporting system that centralize all production reports for Marketing department. Manage the reports migration, provide innovative automation solutions, enhancements and dashboard design and implementation to existing production reports to assist various business teams in decision making. Participate in general efforts to build Center of Excellence for BI capability. He/She will support across multiple Marketing analytical areas.
                    KEY RESPONSIBILITIES

                    -Partner with Marketing Analytics teams to provide BAU reports on a timely manner to monitor general trend, campaign progression, portfolio performance and customer profile by various key dimension.
                    -Create and maintain the Centralized Report Depository for all the Marketing teams that provide one location and easy access for the report users.
                    -Interact with owners of existing reports to scope and define requirements such as data sources, frequency, and users for each reports.
                    -Support the migration of existing production reports from different areas within CSCM – Marketing Analysis to the Centralized Report Depository.
                    -Be the key internal consultant to help architect and manage all the production reports.
                    -Promote a risk-aware culture, ensure efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to required standards and processes.

                    -Bachelor’s or above degree in a quantitative analysis field such as Engineering, Science, Econometrics, Computer Science, Statistics, Management Science, or Finance.
                    -Strong interest in using data for business insight.
                    -Fluent oral and written English is a must.
                    -Ability in learning and improving programming skills for business analysis, strong programming skills is a plus, such as SAS, SQL, VBA, MS EXCEL. Experience in Tableau is preferred.
                    -Familiarity with statistical and analytical tools. Experience in Aster or Hadoop is preferred.

                    -Passionate in decision analytics, interested in using data for business insight, prior experience with programming preferred.
                    -Demonstrated project management skills, including ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and follow through on completion of high-profile projects
                    -Excellent English communication (both oral and written) and interpersonal skills
                    -Strong desire of learning and willingness to acquire needed knowledge and skills
                    2019 Campus Recruiting process & timeline(招聘流程):
                    Online Application:6 Aug – 20 Oct, 2018
                    Phone Interview:25 Aug – 25 Oct, 2018
                    (Start right away as resumes come in)
                    Onsite Interview:20 Sep – 20 Nov, 2018

                    Position:Data Analyst
                    Business Intelligence Analyst
                    Strategy Implementation QA Analyst


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