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                    香港上海匯豐銀行有限公司(The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited,中文直譯為“香港和上海銀行有限公司”,英文縮寫HSBC,中文簡稱匯豐,取“匯款豐裕”之意)。





                    Who can apply?


                    This programme is for students in their penultimate or final year of university study, who're expected to achieve degree during Sep 2019 - Jul 2020.






                    Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities





                    Internship Duration:


                    8Jul-30Aug 2019


                    5 days per week, paid internship




                    To be considered for a placement, you will:


                    Act with integrity, in keeping with HSBC's values


                    Have outstanding interpersonal skills, even when under pressure


                    Have strong commercial acumen and a flair for problem solving


                    Be self-motivated, confident and articulate


                    Successfully go through all relevant assessments


                    Can be dedicated to full-time internship during 8Jul-30Aug 2019 in Mainland China (5 days per week)


                    Can formally graduate before Jul 2020




                    What to expect


                    You'll complete an eight-week placement, where you'll contribute to a live project or a number of transactions, working with products and services experts across our international network. There will also be regular business and social events for you to attend in order to begin building a network of contacts.




                    Learning, development and support


                    The programme is composed of induction, tailor-made class-room training and placement. You'll join your placement team, where you'll receive a combination of practical experience and classroom training, and learn how our people tailor these to provide customers with solutions. You'll also be assigned a mentor and paired with a buddy during the 8 weeks' programme to enrich your experience.




                    Further benefits of the internship include:


                    Measurable objectives


                    Continuous performance management and business feedback


                    A buddy and mentor to share ideas with and go to for advice


                    The opportunity to gain insight into HSBC's competitive advantages in


                    International markets and the financial services industry


                    Strong performers during the internship will be offered directly to enroll Global Graduate Programme without additional assessment steps.




                    Please click here to submit your online application before the deadline (28Feb 2019). For application tips and Programme Q&A, please click here.


                    * Please log on computer to complete online application and assessment.



                    2018 China Student Programme












                    每周工作3個工作日, 為期3-12個月


















                    中國籍在讀本科/研究生(即大一,大二, 大三,大四, 研一,研二)






                    HSBC China Student Programme


                    We see a future with so much to offer. Do you?


                    Around the world, growth is bringing new prosperity; businesses are pioneering new trade routes; and new centres of wealth and influence are emerging. At HSBC, we're inspired by the ways the world is changing for our business and for our customers. That's why we're looking to connect with the best and the brightest people from across the globe. With so much to offer, we're ideally placed to help you realise your ambitions. The China Student Programme provides a combination of practical on-the-job experience, project-based work and a good understanding of the business area in which you are placed. You will have the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge gained from university, and develop a good grounding to help you decide what area of the bank you would like to start a career. You will also have the opportunity to develop your professional network with colleagues across the bank.




                    Up to 12 months of paid internship (starting date subject to selection completion)




                    Retail Banking and Wealth Management;


                    Commercial Banking;


                    HSBC Operations, Services and Technology;


                    Global Functions and Others




                    Mainland China


                    Who can apply?


                    Full-time undergraduate/postgraduate students, and can provide a valid student ID.


                    Be capable for 3 working days of internship per week.


                    Chinese nationality.


                    To apply for the programme, please submit your application form via


                    Please click here to submit online application


                    Achieve your potential at HSBC.