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                    當前位置:首頁 » 香港招聘 » [香港]中銀香港有限公司


                    1. 發布時間:2018-09-14
                    2. 工作地點:香港
                    3. 職位類型:全職
                    4. 來源:中銀香港有限公司
                    5. 職位:2019校園招聘

                    中國銀行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行總行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行北京分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行上海分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行天津分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行河北分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行江蘇分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行蘇州分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行浙江分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行福建分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行廣東分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行河南分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行湖北分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行遼寧分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行山東分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行深圳分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行四川分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行安徽分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行廣西分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行海南分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行黑龍江分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行湖南分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行江西分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行內蒙古分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行寧夏分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行山西分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行陜西分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行新疆分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行云南分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行重慶分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行軟件中心2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行貴州分行2019校園招聘求職大禮包 | 中國銀行校園招聘求職筆試面試經驗匯總

                    中銀香港是香港主要上市商業銀行集團之一,在各主要業務市場位居前列,并在香港擁有最龐大的分行網絡及多元化的服務渠道,包括約200 家分行、1,000 多部自助設備、網上銀行及手機銀行等高效電子渠道,為個人、企業和機構等客戶提供多元化的金融及投資理財服務。中銀香港是香港三家發鈔銀行之一,亦為香港人民幣業務的清算行。憑借在人民幣業務的優勢,本行的人民幣服務成為客戶的當然選擇。



                    2019 Graduate Recruitment (Management Trainee Programme & Graduate Programme)

                    Job No.: 495144
                    Employment Type: Full time
                    Departments: Human Resources Department
                    Job Functions: Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Training & Development, Management, Marketing, Product Development & Management, Project Management, Public Relations / Corporate Communications, Relationship Management, Dealing & Trading, Financial Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Investment Management, Legal, Accounting, Asset Management, Bank Operations, Business Development, Compliance

                    Start your career in BOCHK

                    The We understand development opportunities and renumeration package are critical elements that talents care, and thus we endeavour to offer rewarding TOTAL career experiences to young talents who join us through our Management Trainee Programme and Graduate Programme.

                    With years of cultivation, we have groomed leaders and subject matter experts that form our talent pipeline for the Bank’s sustainable development.

                    Be the One, join us and reap your CHALLENGING and REWARDING career!

                    Management Trainee Programme

                    Established in 2006, our Management Trainee ( “MT” ) Programme aims to nurture high-calibre individuals to become future leaders who are ready to take up challenges and excel in any parts of our businesses.

                    Ten years down the road, MTs who joined us in early years have evolved as subject matter experts and key individuals running their teams. Positioned as the cradle of leaders, we are determined to invest considerable amount of resources into our MTs and MT alumni, through the provision of multi-facets of developmental opportunities to facilitate their ever-learning total experiences and pave the promising career path; in retrospect, injecting spirits with drive and innovation to the Bank.

                    Learn more about our Management Trainee Programme (MT)

                    Graduate Programme

                    Established in 2013, potential talents who graduate from tertiary institutions around the world are sought after in joining our Graduate Programme.

                    To better response to the fast-changing financial market landscape that is intricated with tightened regulatory requirements, and advanced technological advancements, a Graduate Programme that embeds the overarching developmental strategies and talent development philosophies of the Bank shall mark the successes of our potential calibers. Young talents who get on board will set off their career journeys through receiving a three-month integrative training that focuses on the personal banking segment. With adequate foundational knowledge, competencies, and experiences accumulated, these talents shall evolve to become professionals in various departments.

                    Learn more about our Graduate Programme (GP)

                    Business Segments and Departments

                    In your application, you are advised to select a total of three (3) preferred business departments or teams as listed below. While some business segments or teams within our Bank share similarities in terms of responsibilities and scope of functions, you are recommended to consider your academic background, work experience, cultural background, soft skills, competencies, career aspirations and other relevant aspects when you indicate your preferences.

                    The preferences that you indicate apply to both Management Trainee Programme & Graduate Programme. Final decision of business unit assignments would be placed according to applicant’s overall competences and performance demonstrated throughout the recruitment and selection process.

                    • Corporate Banking Segment – Commercial Banking Department
                    • Corporate Banking Segment – Corporate Credit Management Centre
                    • Corporate Banking Segment – Global Corporate Banking Department
                    • Corporate Banking Segment – Institutional Business Department
                    • Corporate Banking Segment – Transaction Banking Department
                    • Financial Management Segment – Financial Management Department
                    • Financial Management Segment – Treasury
                    • Financial Market Segment – BOCHK Asset Management Limited
                    • Financial Market Segment – Financial Market Management Department
                    • Financial Market Segment – Global Markets
                    • Financial Market Segment – Investment Management
                    • Operation Segment – Bank-wide Operation Department
                    • Operation Segment – E-Finance Centre
                    • Operation Segment – Information Technology Department
                    • Other Segment – Chief Executive’s Office
                    • Other Segment – Group Audit
                    • Other Segment – Human Resources Department
                    • Personal Banking Segment – Channel Management Department
                    • Personal Banking Segment – Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department
                    • Personal Banking Segment – Personal Banking Risk And Integrated Management Department
                    • Personal Banking Segment – Private Banking
                    • Risk Management Segment – Risk Management Department
                    • Risk Management Segment – Legal & Compliance and Operational Risk Management Department

                    Follow Us

                    To allow more interactions with you, our team of recruiters welcome you connecting with us on a personal level to allow more genuine conversations. Do follow us on our LinkedIn page. Latest news about the two Programmes will be announced therein. You may also meet our recruiters online:

                    Other Useful Information


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