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                    1. 發布時間:2018-09-18
                    2. 工作地點:北京
                    3. 職位類型:兼職實習
                    4. 來源:北京大學
                    5. 職位:實習生
                    Sidley is one of the world’s largest law firms, with approximately 1,900 lawyers practicing in the U.S., Asia, Europe and Australia.

                    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
                    ? Provide support to lawyers on a wide range of corporate transactions matters
                    ? Assist lawyers in preparing legal documents and due diligence reports
                    ? Conduct legal research and review corporate documents
                    ? Assist lawyers in preparing legal documents, proof reading, bulk printing and binding
                    ? Assist lawyers in preparing legal services proposals, prospect and client capabilities presentations
                    ? Monitor legal volumes, law publications and law library updates
                    ? Maintain and update client files and documents
                    ? Coordinate internal or client events
                    ? Coordinate with Marketing Team for marketing materials updates
                    ? Additional ad hoc tasks as required

                    ? 2nd year student of Master degree in Law
                    ? Good communication skills
                    ? Fluent in written and spoken Mandarin and English, able to type and translate
                    ? Good team player
                    ? Familiar with Windows, Outlook and MS office applications
                    ? Experience in legal document translation is a plus

                    Please apply online at https://careers-sidleyapac.icims.com with full resume and transcripts.
                    Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only and all application will be treated in strict confidence.


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