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                    1. 發布時間:2018-09-18
                    2. 工作地點:北京
                    3. 職位類型:兼職實習
                    4. 來源:水木社區
                    5. 職位:Wireless Software Test Intern
                    發信人: intelbbs (intelbbs), 信區: Career_Campus
                    標 題: 【Intel 北京實習】Wireless Software Test Intern
                    發信站: 水木社區 (Tue Sep 18 20:46:13 2018), 站內

                    【Intel 北京實習】Wireless Software Test Intern

                    Contact:[email protected]

                    Wireless Software Test Intern
                    Work Location: 北京市融科資訊

                    For this position, we are looking for 5G L2/L3 SW Software Intern to join us on the latest & future 5G NR technologies. Responsibilities will include but not limited to:
                    1. Setup test environment
                    2. Test and verify L2/L3 SW on various Intel platforms
                    3. Analyze issues during testing and work with software engineer to solve issues
                    4. Provide technical support for internal and external stakeholders.

                    Undergraduate students of Master or PhD degree majored in CS/EE or relevant majors
                    1. Basic knowledge/skills on C/C programming, debugging
                    2. Familiar with cellular telecommunication system, knowledge on 5G network will be a plus
                    3. Familiar with computer networks, TCP/IP, IPsec
                    4. Excellent problem analysis ability: identify problems in a timely manner with high quality; gather and analyze information
                    5. Basic knowledge on Linux programming
                    6. Good communication skills, proficiency in spoken and written English

                    簡歷投遞:[email protected] 郵件標題:姓名 職位名稱 畢業時間 每周實習幾天 實習持續時間 知曉渠道



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