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                    1. 發布時間:2018-09-21
                    2. 工作地點:上海
                    3. 職位類型:兼職實習
                    4. 來源:上海交大BBS
                    5. 職位:Software engineer intern (DL)
                    [原帖] 發信人: aman(aman), 支持應屆生☆ WWW.YINGJIESHENG.COM☆Info
                    標  題: 【Intel實習】Software engineer intern (DL)
                    發信站: 飲水思源 (2018年09月21日09:55:58 星期五)
                    Work Location: 上海市閔行區紫竹科學園(公司免費班車/地鐵5號線)
                    MLT SH team is within Intel/Core and Vision Group Computing Group/Developer Pr
                    oduct Division (Formerly Known as BTrans, BiTS team). It takes charge of deep 
                    learning framework optimization on Intel platform, including main Tensorflow, 
                    Intel Caffe, MxNet, Caffe2, PyTorch and Chainer. It delivered innovative, high
                     quality software in Intel’s server and client platform in history. We are hi
                    ring for talent engineers who have passion on techniques and innovative ideas 
                    to help accelerating performance on the system. We are hiring for both regular
                     employee and intern positions. 
                    The candidate should have passion on programming, and have enough curiosity to
                     reason the failure or issues during computation, has strong willing to build 
                    deep learning knowledge. The candidate should have following qualifications: 
                    1、Development and debugging skills in one of following language C, C  , Java.
                    2、Has experience on script language: Python, Shell, etc. 
                    3、Proven track record of analyzing and solving technical problems independent
                    1.簡歷投遞:[email protected] 郵件標題:姓名 職位名稱 畢業時間 每周實習幾天
                     實習持續時間 知曉渠道
                    ※ 來源:·飲水思源 bbs.sjtu.edu.cn·[FROM:]


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