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                    1. 發布時間:2018-10-24
                    2. 工作地點:北京
                    3. 職位類型:兼職實習
                    4. 來源:Ventum
                    5. 職位:實習生



                    Ventum Consulting Intern at Ventum China-Peking, China

                    Ventum Consulting is a Business- and IT Consultancy with more than 150 employees. At our headquarter in munich and 3 additional offices we work on promising topics like digitalization, networks and agilization. Since 2005 we have been connecting business and IT departments of our renown international clients with technological competence.

                    A) Advance set-up of local boot camp

                    • Onboarding basics: what does a new colleague need to work?
                    • Review training material from GER (XLS training, etc.)
                    • Guidelines – for example, how do I create a quotation (prepare case) and then present it before customer?
                    • “Fireplace Dinner”, history of Ventum and culture

                    Goal: within 4 months, set up a start-up training (competence and integration). The intern is welcome to introduce own ideas for this.

                    B) Support update of Ventum China business case

                    • Research on market
                    • SWOT
                    • Industry trends in China
                    • Ventum USPs compared to other consultancies

                    C) Support creation of inter-company documents and presentations with local partner company

                    • Joint Portfolio presentation
                    • Joint templates

                    D) Support internal administrational processes

                    • Travel expenses
                    • Travel planning
                    • General correspondence

                    E) Onsite customer support

                    • Process documentation
                    • Manage administrational processes

                    Education & Skills:

                    • College degree in computer science, marketing or business administration
                    • Knowledge about Western, Asian and especially Chinese culture preferred
                    • Marketing analysis
                    • MS software: Word, PPT, Excel


                    • Excellent communication skills in speaking and writing (Chinese, English must – German is an advantage)
                    • High degree of self-motivation, team player, sense of responsibility, high social competence
                    • Distinct presentation skills and sense for design
                    • High perception skills


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