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                    1. 发布时间:2018-11-23
                    2. 工作地点:上海
                    3. 职位类型:全职
                    4. 来源:智联招聘
                    5. 职位:2019校园招聘上海站

                    宝马2019校园招聘求职大礼包  |  宝马校园招聘求职笔试面试经验汇总

                    宝马集团 2019校园招聘上海站

                    BMW GROUP CAMPUS RECRUITMENT 2019 (Shanghai)
                    宝马(中国)汽车贸易有限公司BMW China Services Ltd. was founded in 2011, providing R&D, procurement, internal audit and finance services to the BMW Group in China and other Asian countries. With its main office in Beijing and branches in Shanghai and Shenyang, BMW China Services Ltd. is engaged in research and development for automobiles and motorcycles and their parts, components, systems and technology. The company addresses design and styling of automobiles, development of on-board and off-board functions for mobility services, testing services for BMW/MINI/Rolls-Royce products, and technology consulting services to support the sourcing activities. BMW China Services Ltd. is also the center for BMW’s global sourcing, purchasing, supplier quality and logistics for Asia, working closely with innovative suppliers for the BMW production and logistics network.

                    宝马(中国)服务有限公司成立于2011年,主要为宝马集团在中国及其它亚洲国家提供研发、采购、内部审计和财务服务。宝马(中国)服务有限公司总部设在北京,分公司设在上海和沈阳,公司致力于汽车、摩托车及其零部件、系统、技术的研发,其服务范围包括汽车设计、用车服务的车载及非车载功能的研发,为BMW/MINI/Rolls Royce产品提供检测及技术咨询以采购支持。同时,宝马(中国)服务有限公司作为宝马集团全球采购、供应?#35752;?#37327;、物流的亚洲中心,在生产与物流网络方面与独具创新的供应商有着紧密的联系。

                    宝马(中国) 服务有限公司
                      • [2018-11-17] Software Development
                      • 嵌入式开发工程师人工智能系统开发

                        Major Responsibilities:
                        1. As a developer, you’re responsible for the end-to-end development process of software solutions from
                        technical design to SOP with respect to cost, quality and time. This includes all aforementioned aspects
                        including backend or onboard technology, service integration technology, and system integration technology.
                        You’re required to have broad expertise even though a technical specification might be necessary.

                        1. Master Degree in Computer Science, Informatics, Information Science or equivalent.
                        2. Substantial knowledge and experience in software development and software engineering in the fields of
                        onboard and backend server. Familiar with object orientated software development, C/C++, Java,
                        software-/system architecture, distributed systems, communication systems and network technologies. Expected knowledge includes software development process, testing methods as well as software quality management.
                        3. backend server SW development (Java) or onboard navigation topics development (C++).
                        4. Technical depth (proficient in utilizing technology with the will to extend/learn).
                        5. Technically versatile (knowing many technologies, constantly extending knowledge base).
                        6. Able to write well-crafted code (simple, maintainable, robust, reusable, well-tested).
                        7. Excellent English communication (oral and written) skills.


                      • [2018-11-17] Android Software Developer
                      • 车载原生app开发 ,实现第三方服务和数据在宝马安卓系统上的应用及集成, 调用宝马原生语音系统和人机界面实现高效人机交互

                        Major Responsibilities:
                        1. As an Android developer, you are responsible for the developing infotainment functions based on Android
                        Automotive Embedded in a cross-functional feature team.
                        2. Based on the product requirement (from Product Owner), working with other developers to implement the
                        3. Together with the colleagues of Design and ABK you design the user interface of the functions.
                        4. In team with other developers, you design architecture and processes and decide on the tools used.
                        5. Use suitable test automation to ensure that the product is ready for use at the end of each sprint.

                        1. Master Degree in Computer Science or a comparable qualification.
                        2. Skill in agile methods and the extreme Programming Practices.
                        3. Clean Coders are preferred with equal suitability.
                        4. Technical depth (proficient in utilizing technology with the will to extend/learn).
                        5. Technically versatile (knowing many technologies, constantly extending knowledge base).
                        6. Able to write well-crafted code (simple, maintainable, robust, reusable, well-tested).
                        7. Excellent English communication (oral and written) skills.
                        8. Good communication skills.


                      • [2018-11-17] Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
                      • 实现人工智能算法开发,在仿真环境和真实车辆原型中测验和验证实现自动驾驶功能和系统。

                        Major Responsibilities:
                        1. Design algorithms for the function/ brain component to understanding the current situation, making decisions
                        about next maneuver and for short/mid and long-term planning’s for automation functions.
                        2. Test and validation of automated driving function/ brain systems in simulation environments and real vehicle
                        3. Close cooperation with research teams in Shanghai, Mountain View and Munich involving several departments. Active communication to Munich and alignment with activities in Munich.
                        4. Driving and testing prototype cars.
                        5. Transfer of research results to Munich and BMW China.

                        1. Degree in Robotics. Alternatively major in Computer Science, Electrical/electronic Engineering with
                        specialization in robotics. Working in perception, learning systems or driver assistance systems.
                        2. Knowledge in robotics algorithms for data fusion, environment perception, or decision making, etc.
                        3. Knowledge and experience in some genres of AI methods, e.g. probabilistic methods, decision tree search,
                        deep neural network, etc.
                        4. Excellent English communication (oral and written) skills.
                        5. Good communication skills.


                      • [2018-11-17] Senior User Interface Concept & Usability
                      • Description:
                        • To develop innovative concepts for all BMW Group vehicles, which realizes an intuitive and efficient interaction
                        between driver and vehicle.
                        • Responsible for Asia specific concept design within specific Head Units, infotainment systems and
                        infotainment software solutions from defining user experience to SoP that meets the BMW customers’ premium

                        Qualification & Experience:
                        • Strong experience in Human Machine Interaction, Engineering, Information Technology.
                        • Deep understanding in development of HMI system preferred.
                        • English communication.


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