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                    1. 发布时间:2018-12-17
                    2. 工作地点:北京
                    3. 职位类型:全职
                    4. 来源:美林证券
                    5. 职位:2019校园招聘Global Corporate Banking Analyst

                    美国银行(已收购美林证券Merrill Lynch)求职讨论区
                    美国银行2019校园招聘求职大礼包  |  美国银行校园招聘笔试经验汇总 | 美国银行校园招聘面试经验汇总  |  美国银行校园招聘求职综合经验汇总



                    *Please note the maximum number of applications per applicant is 6 - 3 U.S. & Canada, 1 EMEA, 2 APAC*

                    Program ID



                    Asia Pacific









                    Global Corporate Banking Analyst Program


                    Program type

                    Full time


                    Entry level



                    Program description

                    Our Business

                    The Global Corporate Banking division serves a diverse corporate client base. We have a significant presence in the Americas, Europe, Emerging Markets (ex-Asia) and Asia Pacific, serving clients in virtually all countries. We provide our clients with a range of services fundamental to their business, including strategic and financing advice, restructuring and risk management solutions, as well as capital raisings from both the public markets and private sources. We serve our clients through teams of professionals that bring together the full capabilities of the bank to satisfy one goal: helping our clients succeed.


                    Corporate Banking Analysts are active members of the country’s integrated client coverage (Corporates, Financial Institutions and Subsidiaries) teams who assist bankers in the delivery of the full breadth of products and services to clients and prospects.

                    As an Analyst within Global Corporate Banking you will: 

                    • Work in teams to create and deliver solutions to clients that bring to bear the full breadth of the bank’s global platform – lending capabilities including leasing, debt capital raising and capital markets, (including acquisition financing  to ratings advisory), global market solutions (including FX, Rates and Commodities) and global transaction services capabilities (including cash management, trade, liquidity management).
                    • Help to generate ideas and cross selling opportunities for new and existing clients
                    • Support and assist the bankers in managing their client portfolio’s – client development, pitching and execution and responding to client requests
                    • Assist in deal execution and follow-up – assist in putting together internal memos and working through the KYC process for example
                    • Perform various statistical and financial analyses
                    • Conduct comprehensive and in-depth company and industry research
                    • Produce and distribute internal documents for the team – meeting minutes, market      reports, weekly pipeline reports
                    • Learn from, and work with teams consisting of professionals from across the business, including senior corporate bankers within your group, product and support partners and other colleagues from around the globe


                    For most countries in Asia Pacific, training kicks off with joining newly-hired analysts from around the world for an intensive few weeks to learn about our company, its culture and all the relevant tools, techniques and working practices. You’ll also receive grounding in your chosen business area, as you develop your professional skills and team-working capabilities.

                    On return to your local office, you’ll take on significant responsibilities at an early stage. With on-going development opportunities throughout the program you’ll be encouraged to grow your abilities through on-the-job learning and structured training. We’ll support and reward you on the basis of your individual performance.

                    Following the formal training program, you will be on boarded to the Global Banking and Markets Analyst & Associate Academy (GBAM AAA), which will take you on a journey through our global curriculum.


                    • Final year undergraduate/master student
                    • Outstanding academic achievement

                    Required Skills and Abilities

                    • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
                    • Effective verbal and written communication
                    • Comfortable with change and adjust to changing demands and requirements
                    • A strong team player and client focused
                    • Demonstrates energy and drive
                    • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
                    • Demonstrates a keen interest in the business you are applying to
                    • Fluency in English is essential, appropriate Asian language skills are also essential for some roles and countries

                    How to Apply

                    • Select 'Apply' and sign in as a new or returning user
                    • Complete all sections of the application form, followed by the online assessment
                    • Upload cover letter and/or resume to support your application
                    • Submit form - please note that in order for your application to be considered, you must have completed the form, the online assessment and uploaded your resume before the deadline

                    Application Deadline

                    January 25 2019




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