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                    1. 发布时间:2019-03-12
                    2. 工作地点:上海
                    3. 职位类型:兼职实习
                    4. 来源:复旦BBS
                    5. 职位:实习生
                    发信人: jamieyu (jamie), 信区: Job_Plaza
                    标 题: 【奖学金实习】铁狮门投资与开发部(江湾项目)
                    发信站: 日月光华 (2019年03月12日11:49:43 星期二)
                    Temp worker title: Intern, Acquisitions & Development
                    Reasons for hiring: To assist and support Acquisitions & Development team
                    Location: 上海市杨浦区新江湾城江湾城路99号
                    Working hours: Full or no less than 3 days each week, no less than 80 working days
                    Internship scholarship: A total of RMB10, 000 will be paid to you at the end of your internship.
                    1) Support A&D team on financial modeling and analysis.
                    2) Macro economy, local market research and data collection.
                    3) Support A&D team to do due diligence.
                    4) Work with A&D team on various reports.
                    5) Other related works, like administrative support as necessary.
                    Required experience and skill set:
                    1) Major in finance/economics/management/real estate preferred with MNC internship experience;
                    2) Be skilled in Excel;
                    3) Good written and spoken English;
                    4) Strong communication skills;
                    5) Long term commitment.
                    申请方式:请将中英文简历于发送至[email protected];简历文件名称:专业年级 姓名 一周可实习天数 预计实习总天数。
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