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                    當前位置:首頁 » 上海 » [上海]上海貴和知識產權服務有限公司


                    1. 發布時間:2019-03-12
                    2. 工作地點:上海
                    3. 職位類型:兼職實習
                    4. 來源:上海財經大學
                    5. 職位:法律實習生

                    法律實習生(Legal Intern)招聘


                    Opportunity for full time position.


                    We are looking for a legal intern for the purpose of training this person to be hired full time as Legal Assistant in the future.


                    The direction of practice areas:

                    1. Foreign investment law

                    2. Corporate law

                    3. IP




                    1. Last year of law school, solid legal background.

                    2. Good level of English.

                    3. Willing to learn, detail oriented working attitude.

                    4. Down to earth, commitment for a long-term career in legal service.

                    5. At least 3 times / week.


                    Incentive: 150 RMB/DAY


                    Please send your CV in English to [email protected].

                    請把您的英文簡歷投遞至郵箱:[email protected] 













                    GH is a firm founded by Chinese and European lawyers with the aim of assisting and providing global service to our clients in order to help them to set up and develop their business operations with a high standard of compliance and efficiency.


                    Our partners have more than 10 years of experience providing advice to either Chinese and foreign companies in China, Asia, Europe and Latin America.  Due to this extensive experience and knowledge of the Chinese, European and Latin American markets, we know what are our clients′ needs, and we intend to provide them not only solutions to protect their interests but also solutions that are effective and practical.


                    We are specialized in structuring inbound and outbound investment projects, M&A projects, IP service, commercial disputes and immigration service. GH is a certified IP Agent by the PRC Trademark Office, which allows us to assist our clients without intermediaries in complex Intellectual Property cases in China.


                    Our headquarters are based in Shanghai and we have correspondent offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Madrid and Santiago de Chile. With this network of offices and our international spirit we can assist you globally and accompany you in every step to your success!



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